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TV & Media

IRS Systems

Fox Digital Ltd was founded in January 2009 by Pete Meredith who has many years of experience in the TV & Media sector. Our core business is the design and installation of Integrated Reception Systems which in recent years has further developed into fibre systems (FIRS). We've have quickly made a name for ourselves as a company who's work is finished to the highest quality. This has lead us to being employed to upgrade thousands of council and housing association properties with IRS systems. We work with the construction industry providing system solutions for new build projects and have the necessary clearance to work with them on the armed forces bases.

Media Installations

We provide installation solutions for delivery of AFN services for USAF which includes the upgrading of CATV networks to delivery a high definition picture or smaller AFN ready installations for single points.

We also, offer SMART TV installations as part of our skills which enables us to offer turnkey solutions alongside our reception systems.

We provide complex design and build for both new and upgraded headends for a variety of clients.

Antenna Installations

We continue to develop our RF skills to open up new markets and have recently began to install a number of specialised antennas such as GPS and military grade radio antennas on air bases. We also, work with the finance market installing GPS time clock antennas in city locations.