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About Fox Digital Ltd

Fox Digital Ltd was founded in January 2009 by Pete Meredith who has previously held a number of senior management positions at Avonline PLC from 1991; including Director of Network South Wales Ltd, Operations Installations Manager and Head of Network Installation Services . We've have quickly made a name for ourselves as a company who's work is finished to the highest quality. This has lead us to being employed to upgrade thousands of council and housing association properties with IRS systems ready for the digital change over.

From this platform we have expanded into a variety of other avenues of work including:-

Audio Visual- where we have installed new large television systems including digital signage for pubs and golf clubs. As well as installing and maintaining interactive displays including those at the Pierhead building in Cardiff.

Networks and Telecommunications- where we have installed infrastructure network and telephone cabling on new builds. As well as setting up many small home and business networks.

Satellite Broadband- where we installed many satisfied customers with up to 20Mb broadband in areas where broadband speeds are poor or non existent

CCTV and Door Entry- installing CCTV and Door entry systems for new and existing buildings