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IT Services

We offer a complete range of installation services including network cabling, network setup, PC repair, PC upgrade and building of a new PC to your specifications.  Whatever your IT needs we have it covered for more information or to purchase a product please contact us by clicking here and filling in of enquiry form.

What We Offer

PC Repairs

Virus and spyware scanning and repair

Wiping and reinstallation of operating system and if possible restoration of personal files

Setup of anti-virus and anti-spyware software with a demonstration of how to use the product

PC Upgrade and New Build

Provide and install system upgrades including graphics cards, hard drives, RAM, etc.

Build and install a custom built system to the specifications of the customer

Installation of pre-built PCs


Supply, install and setup home routers with a demonstration of how to use the product

Setup of home network system to allow file sharing etc.

Run CAT5e/6 ethernet cable to points within a property