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No long term contract

Just one months notice to cancel

You own all the equipment

Excellent for

Temporary sites/locations

Welsh Assembly Grant approved installations

If you just don't want to be tied down to a 24 month contract

Lower inital setup costs than Pay as you go

Lower monthly cost than Free Set-up

24 month contract

Excellent for

Areas with limited or no BT broadband coverage

If you need to spread the cost over time.

If you are situated in a not-spot area

Satellite Broadband prices start from £9.99 per month

We provide satellite broadband services from SES or Tooway

Satellite broadband makes use of the Internet Protocol over satellite to provide consumers with Internet access. Unlike services relying on terrestrial infrastructures (such as cable or ADSL) satellites provide service in wide coverage areas. Traditional cable or telecommunications providers focus on providing services to dense urban centres and leave consumers outside these areas with narrowband connections (slow spots) or no connection at all (not spots).

Our broadband download speeds range from 2MB to 20MB and can be delivered anywhere in the UK from a remote farmhouse to a city apartment.

Customer equipment comprises a dish measuring 78cm in diameter and a modem. The installation of the satellite dish employs automated tools for simplified antenna alignment and commissioning. The installation procedure is identical anywhere within the satellite service area and the use of an app further simplifies the setup which helps to reduce the time and cost of the home installation. The dish receiving block incorporates an audible tuner allowing accurate pointing of the dish without any additional external meter. Although the installation could be done by some advanced users, it is recommended to contact a certified broadband satellite installer. Poor alignment of the dish system results in higher error rates and a lower broadband speed.

How it Works

Our satellite solutions are suitable for both domestic and business users. If your looking for something more substantial then take a look at what our business grade "Pro" satellite broadband services have to offer.

Satellite systems connect your computer to a superfast link via satellite to the main internet backbone. The service is provided through coaxial cable, a satellite dish and broadband modem so you don't need a phone line.