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TV and Media Systems

We offer a range of solutions for television and media needs. Our products include:-

IRS Systems

An IRS system is an integrated system that combines aerial and satelite signals allowing both to travel down a single cable. This is perfect for giving tenants in flats the ability to purchase sky without having multiple dishes put up on the outside of the building. Fox Digital have been designing and installing these systems for council and housing associations during the digital change over to give their tenants the greatest possible choice of digital services. This included Freeview, Freesat, Sky and multiple types of foreign satellite services dependent on the current tenants needs.

MATV Systems

A MATV system is a communial aerial system which allows for multiple tenant buildings to receive excellent Freeview signal no matter their distant from the aerial the use of graduated amplifiers to allow for brilliant signal distribution.

AV Systems

Fox Digital provides many services for your Audio Visual needs, such as large audio visual systems for pubs, bars, golf clubs and hotels. We also supply the ability to use digital signage on the televisions. Other products include smart board supply and installation, touch screen interactive displays and cinema systems